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Highwarp Tapestry - Graeme Endean - His Brother Died With A Falafel In His Hand - highwarptapestry.com.au

Graeme Endean holds an ongoing series of exhibitions during which the opportunity is presented for patrons and commercial entities to sponsor the public viewings of his work.

Platinum, Gold & Silver Sponsorship allows the inherent message of ecological sustainability to be badged alongside company logos on programmes, media and advertising for each exhibition. In turn, this shows to the public the sponsor’s willingness to engage in a promotion of the arts while simultaneously advertising the measure of interest that their company shows towards the environment and the ongoing success of sustainable urban lifestyles.

If you or your company are interested in becoming a sponsor for Graeme’s upcoming exhibitions then please Click Here to download the latest sponsorship package.

For any questions about your interest in partnered sponsorship visit the Contact Page on this web site to request more information.

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